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An open letter to the men who say they don't need feminism

Dear Man Who Cries "I Don't Need Feminism:"
You're right. You don't need to recognize the voices of the disenfranchised in order to get ahead in life. You don't need feminism to make money, to have casual sex without being shamed, or to get a job promotion. You don't need feminism to gain more power or more privilege.

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Fiction | The Lascaux Review: Rabbit Suit

When I look at the sky, I don’t see color. The man in the rabbit suit doesn’t either. I know this because I asked him one summer, when the air smelled like burning pavement.

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Censorship, “Obscene Art,” and Trigger Warnings: The Thought-Provoking New Film Lyric by Jess Irish

Last Thursday, I attended the debut screening of Jess Irish’s animated film lyric, The Phantasmagoria of Offense.

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The Content Strategist

Native Advertising: The AdBlock Antidote?

As more and more web surfers—specifically internet-savvy millennials—continue to take advantage of easy-to-install plug-ins like AdBlock and Adblock Plus, the end of the display and pre-roll ad may not be too far off.

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This B2B Company Published a Children’s Book, and It’s Actually a Pretty Good Idea

A story of magical beasts and a quest wrought with perils featuring colorful and cartoonish illustrations—sounds like a great idea for a children’s book, right?

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Distant Yet Personal by Julia Lynn Rubin from issue 299.4 | North American Review

Throughout middle school, I was bullied by multiple people. The bullying wasn’t physical in nature, but emotional and social, which perhaps made it all the more traumatizing.

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You Won't Recognize The Original Versions Of These Fairy Tales

Ah, fairy tales. So popular among children and so often considered sweet and fantastical. You may be surprised just how dark and scary the origins of your favorites really are.

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Do We Finally Know Who Jack The Ripper Was?

The identity of Britain's most mysterious and infamous serial killer barber may finally have been nailed down, a whopping 126 years after Jack the Ripper terrorized Whitechapel, East London, committing at least five grisly murders during the autumn of 1888. So who exactly was he?

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These People Sleep In Coffin-Sized Holes In The Wall, But The Reason? SMART.

If you’re tight on time and money and looking for a place to crash, a capsule hotel may be just the place for you. It’s not quite as awesome as a hobbit home, but it’s certainly plenty tiny.

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3 Brands in Boring Industries That Tell Amazing Stories

But what am I supposed to make content about?

This is a refrain you hear often from brands in “boring” industries. After all, if you’re Nike, the world of sports is your oyster; if you’re GoPro, your fans make amazing content for you (sometimes with the help of a grizzly bear). But what if your business is selling batteries?

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A Commercial With No Music? It's Stranger Than You Think

Have you ever watched a string of commercials while the TV was on mute? Without music in them, our favorite commercials are a lot less appealing — and a lot weirder. I mean, watching a woman take a blissful bite of Chobani yogurt without a soft, twinkling background song to accompany her just feels a little awkward.

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What We're Telling Boys Every Day Is Destroying Their Lives

Less than 50 percent of boys and men with mental health issues seek help, and every day in the U.S., three or more boys commit suicide. Why is that, and what are we doing as a culture that is so innately destructive to young boys?

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How The Color Of Your Spoon Can Change The Way Food Tastes

Does eating something with a silver spoon in your mouth truly make it taste better? An unusual new study from the journal Flavour by Oxford University’s Vanessa Harrar and Charles Spence reveals that different utensils and cutlery do indeed change the way our palettes experience taste.

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One Magical Hotel Allows You To Take A Bath With A Bear…And So Much More!

In the heart of Australia, there’s a very special place where you can take bubble baths, experience fine dining, or just relax in your room…with wild animals.

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Bad Girls Club Star Tanisha Thomas Gets Soup-Like Talk Show ...

Watch out world, the godmother of all Bad Girls is on her way to becoming the next Kathy Griffin! Tanisha Thomas has just landed a “fast-paced, laugh-out-loud first-run” talk show alongside Ben Aaron, according to an Oxygen press release.