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The Content Strategist

Native Advertising: The AdBlock Antidote?

As more and more web surfers—specifically internet-savvy millennials—continue to take advantage of easy-to-install plug-ins like AdBlock and Adblock Plus, the end of the display and pre-roll ad may not be too far off.

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The Content Strategist

This B2B Company Published a Children’s Book, and It’s Actually a Pretty Good Idea

A story of magical beasts and a quest wrought with perils featuring colorful and cartoonish illustrations—sounds like a great idea for a children’s book, right?

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The Content Strategist

3 Brands in Boring Industries That Tell Amazing Stories

But what am I supposed to make content about?

This is a refrain you hear often from brands in “boring” industries. After all, if you’re Nike, the world of sports is your oyster; if you’re GoPro, your fans make amazing content for you (sometimes with the help of a grizzly bear). But what if your business is selling batteries?

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The Content Strategist

7 Retail Brands That Will Inspire You to Up Your Content Game

In the world of content marketing, retailers are doing so much more than just advertising their products; they’re providing useful information, visibility, and helping brands build relationships with consumers.

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The Content Strategist

4 Offensive Ads You Won't Believe Are Real

Incredibly offensive and tasteless ads used to be as ubiquitous as apple pie and gluttony, but what about in the increasingly conscious digital age? Well… they’re still around.

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The Content Strategist

The TSA and 4 Other Unexpectedly Awesome Branded Instagram Feeds

Things people generally associate with TSA: long lines at airport security, invasive pat-downs, the jingly plunk of keys and cell phones in plastic bins.

Things people do not associate with TSA: amazing Instagram photos.

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The Content Strategist

Can the Attention Web Save Publishing? Upworthy, Quartz, and Refinery29 Weigh In

There’s been a common refrain in the media and marketing industry lately: The relationship between advertising and publishing on the web is broken. Selling ads based on impressions and pageviews has resulted in a seemingly never-ending stream of slideshows featuring adorable baby chicks and sexy, cleavage-baring chicks alike.

Always like a girl article
The Content Strategist

#LikeAGirl: 5 Great Pieces of Branded Content That Get Behind Female Empowerment

Earlier this year, brands jumped on Sheryl Sandberg’s #BanBossy campaign to empower young women. Now, there’s a new hashtag in town: #LikeAGirl.

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The Content Strategist

5 Tips for Connecting to Your Audience, From the Editors of Jezebel, Al Jazeera, and WNYC

How should today’s newsrooms push the limits of technology to better connect with their audiences? That was the question posed to a panel of editors at Google for Media Summit 2014, which included the likes of Lam Thuy Vo of Al Jazeera America, John Keefe of WNYC Radio, and Jezebel founder Anna Holmes, who’s now plying her trade at Fusion.